Getting Ready!! I think…

Hey there!

I haven’t been posting much at the moment because there’s just so much to do right now, fitting in writing time on my next novel is becoming more of a priority than blogging.

I do have some exciting news…Well, at least I think it’s pretty interesting! Kara Jorgenson has kindly agreed to help me out with two blogs on the process of self-publishing. There will be some technical stuff, like audio publication and foreign transalations and how easy/hard it is to get along in the world of self-publishing. I sent Kara my prepared questions and she is working on them as I type. I’m hoping to publish the answers in two blogs, most likely one on a Monday and the next on a Friday.

As for the whole writing a novel, well, it’s progressing. That’s all I can say at the moment. I mean, I know where I’m heading and how the book will end, in a generalised sort of way. Obviously, once I get to that point it’s subject to change as most novels do. It all depends on what’s best for the characters and the story.

I’ve managed to get some promo stuff for when the book is published. So, I’m trying to get myself prepared.

I also decided to change the name of my official Author Facebook page, it now has the rather grandiose title of: S C Gregory’s Gaslight and Fantasy Emporium! 😀

There’s an imaginary list in my head of what needs to be done, and it just keeps getting longer and longer at the moment.

Then again, I like being busy. It stops the boredom setting in.

Well, that’s all for now…I’d better get back to writing this novel…

Thanks for reading!


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