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Vastian Lore

From 3oth January-3rd February, my novella will be available for free download to anyone interested in reading a little known adventure into Gaslight Fantasy. There’s a mixed bag of mages and demons. Creepy tunnels winding through sewers. A powerful sorceress who believes freeing an enemy of the past will serve the future. Switching of allegiances and a… Continue reading Vastian Lore

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Character Profiles

Memorable characters are an art in themselves… How can a writer create a realistic persona that is both believeable and intriguing? For instance, the ‘bad guy/enemy/antagonist’ doesn’t have to be a cardboard steareotype, with the maniacal laughter for added effect. They can be complex. Hard to read. Mortal. With motives that don’t just adhere to killing off the protagonist. Added… Continue reading Character Profiles

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Changes And Challenges

It’s really weird calling myself a writer, never mind an author, so when I finally managed to get my Goodreads account altered to reflect the fact I’ve got two published works…It kind of freaked me out a little! I know you’re supposed to create yourself a ‘brand’ or make yourself into one, but that’s just… Continue reading Changes And Challenges