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Tuesday Temptations…

Well, I’ve made progress on Oath of God and can happily confirm a publication of 2017, my deadline is end of April, but then there’s proofreading, editing and formatting to do! Not to mention, the gruelling process of writing out the final blurb for the back cover and sorting out Createspace for the paperback version,… Continue reading Tuesday Temptations…

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Interviews and Interiors…

Hey there! I’ve been busy setting up the interior for my short story and setting up the ebook on Amazon. It’s nice that every time I do a new book, I’m adding another notch to my writerly belt. I’m learning more and more. The process of publishing is getting easier. I’ve got the hang of… Continue reading Interviews and Interiors…

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Writing. Editing. Publishing.

Hey there! Lately, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would normally, mainly due to the operation and also because I’ve been struggling to think of interesting ideas to post! I’m considering posting about the research I do for my WIP’s, such as Japanese culture, weapons and mythology. This will be alongside all the regular posts… Continue reading Writing. Editing. Publishing.

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Wheels Within Wheels

First of, I’d like to start by saying, sorry. For not posting anything remotely entertaining. Anyhow, there’s a lot going on right now. Oath of God is moving slowly due to my decision to take up studying for a Diploma in Editing and Proofreading. *laughs mockingly at myself* I cannot say with any great confidence that when it… Continue reading Wheels Within Wheels

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Inspiration and Impressions

Surrounded by piles of laundry, (most of it clean, I might add) and I find myself working on Oath of God, tweaking a conversation, adding additional detail, a bit of richness to the scenery and a dash of history, all while breathing in the fresh scent of washing powder. This is the backdrop to a stay-at-home… Continue reading Inspiration and Impressions