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Protagonist and Antagonist…

There’s a lot of discussion going around relating to the difference between characters. Which are better to write, more enjoyable, what motivates them? In my view, it’s all about perspective. I’m not sure there are many so-called, ‘bad guys/gals’ who truly believe they are the evil ones in their own story. Everyone has their own… Continue reading Protagonist and Antagonist…

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New Story!

Hey there! As you’ve probably guessed by the title, I’ve got a story coming out soon on Kindle. Iron Blood is set in a completely different world to my other books and is about reflection, pain and loss. It’s still a Fantasy based story, but I’ve gone for a different theme. Not Steampunk or Gaslight. Iron… Continue reading New Story!

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Writing. Editing. Publishing.

Hey there! Lately, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would normally, mainly due to the operation and also because I’ve been struggling to think of interesting ideas to post! I’m considering posting about the research I do for my WIP’s, such as Japanese culture, weapons and mythology. This will be alongside all the regular posts… Continue reading Writing. Editing. Publishing.

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Book Covers and the Editing Process…

I’m really excited, but it’s also difficult not being able to reveal the amazing artwork that’s being completed even as I type this post! It’s odd, though, and also brilliant, how having an idea in your head and then discussing things with the artist, everything changes, for the better. The cover for Oath of God is… Continue reading Book Covers and the Editing Process…

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Inspiration and Impressions

Surrounded by piles of laundry, (most of it clean, I might add) and I find myself working on Oath of God, tweaking a conversation, adding additional detail, a bit of richness to the scenery and a dash of history, all while breathing in the fresh scent of washing powder. This is the backdrop to a stay-at-home… Continue reading Inspiration and Impressions