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A Few Details

Well, I’m trying my hardest to keep up with my blogging and finding stuff to post! Today, it’ll mostly be a jumble of information, relating to writing and a bit of updating. After going through my spam queue, and basically deleting every comment for various reasons, I just wanted to advice folks that if they… Continue reading A Few Details

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Tuesday Temptations…

Well, I’ve made progress on Oath of God and can happily confirm a publication of 2017, my deadline is end of April, but then there’s proofreading, editing and formatting to do! Not to mention, the gruelling process of writing out the final blurb for the back cover and sorting out Createspace for the paperback version,… Continue reading Tuesday Temptations…

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Diagnosis v Determination

It’ll be almost three years since I┬áhad my first MRI to find out why I was in such agony with my back and why it felt like I had a jagged steel rid shoved inside my leg! Turns out, I had a large, ruptured prolapse and it required surgery…So, in 2014 I had my first… Continue reading Diagnosis v Determination