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Sorceress of Demon's Wood


Cursed at birth by an ill-fated name, Arius has always denied the Teller’s prophecy that she alone will be responsible for bringing darkness and pain, killing thousands, and all those she loves.
Only, Fate cannot, and will not, be denied…

Sorceress of Demon’s Wood is a brief encounter with the twists and turns of betrayal and an opening into the world of Ulyssia.

This short story was previously titled: Sorceress Beware What You Believe. However, I felt that didn’t quite convey what I had in mind for the story.

Here’s the link if anyone would like to download:

Reviews for Sorceress of Demon’s Wood.

By Jason – Published on

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
As my headline states, this was a very good short story. Ms. Gregory has created a short introduction to a world that is proving to be quite interesting. You are dropped in the middle of an intense situation from the first sentence, and through the remainder of the story, tension remains. Who is the young woman known as Arius? What is a Vastian? These two questions were enough for me to download the followup, Vastian Lore. I am looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Gregory has planned for this series.

By Michael Gunter – Published on

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

‘Sorceress: Beware What You Believe’ is an interesting short story. Ms. Gregory combines fantasy history (which I love) with mystery and a bit of action.

The main character is interesting, but far less so than the shadowy and tortured figure who taunts her. I’m left wondering what exactly a ‘Vastian’ is and why this one is important. Since this is a short story, the question is intentionally left unanswered. Fortunately, Ms. Gregory has left me entirely willing to lay out another 3$ to find out, if she ever releases a followup to this story.

complete cover 2Vastian Lore

Not all doors should be unlocked.
Not all prisoners should be freed.
And sisters should know which brother should die.

Norarl is the barrier between Arius and her plans.
Question is…Will he stick by his newfound allies?
Or will blood will out?

Vastian Lore is a more in-depth look into what people will do in order to succeed. The bodies they’ll literally step over to get what they desire the most.

And what others will do to stop them.

This is a much longer story than Sorceress of Demon’s Wood and is also available as a paperback version.

Here’s the link if anyboy would like to download/purchase this book:

Reviews for Vastian Lore.

By Nathan Philbrick (author of Little One)  

Format: Paperback

Vastian Lore is a fast-paced, entertaining story that blows open the doors to a big, big world. Strong characters and intriguing plot elements, while at times overwhelming, will keep you turning (or swiping) pages. I’m looking forward to S. C. Gregory’s work-to-come.

N.S. – Published on

Format: Paperback

I really enjoyed reading Vastian Lore. Full of magic, twists and turns with a splash of blood and betrayal. Well worth the read!

Iron Blood Cover 2016

Iron Blood

Jarlovar is a broken man.
He lives only to pass the burden of the iron ring.
Except, his heir is dead. Slaughtered by Helvan conquerers.
Hope now rests on a single chance.
Will the Volva gift him one last boon?
Or will the iron go unclaimed? 

Iron Blood is a short story telling the tale of broken dreams and idle promises.


Above is the link to the UK Amazon page, but the book is also available on