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Enjoying The Writing!

Hey there!! Apologies for the lack of regular posting, but it’s been quite hectic here!! More than usual, actually. A couple of weeks ago we went out to visit friends and got a text from our eldest son, who basically sent an SOS as the kitchen sink had ‘burst’. When my husband rushed back, he… Continue reading Enjoying The Writing!

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Progress…Of A Sort…

Well, long time, no posting! Funny how time can just race past and yet another month has ended and we’re in November. Unlike other, braver souls, I’m not attempting NaNoWriMo! I don’t think I could give the commitment such a project requires. Not at the moment, anyway. On a more positive note, I’ve actually managed… Continue reading Progress…Of A Sort…

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Giveaways and Oath of God.

Well…I’ve got two entries for a free, signed copy of Vastian Lore. Not bad. I worried no-one would want a copy of the novella, seeing as it’s been out a while now and sales have dropped to the odd one every month. I’ll be the first to admit marketing isn’t my strongest suit. My very… Continue reading Giveaways and Oath of God.

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Scrivener and Scribbling!

Right! *coughs to clear throat* It’s decided. I’m going to use Scrivener for my secondary project Oath of God. By hook or by crook, I’m going to figure this out and utilise this tool. To make life easier for me, I’ll be printing off the pages relevant to me as a guide and probably using… Continue reading Scrivener and Scribbling!

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Writing A Novel…Eventually.

  I’ve got this serious affliction where I’m averse to, what I would call,¬†sugary endings. It’s not that I haven’t appreciated the nice bow-wrapped endings of other books in the past, but it’s just not my own personal style to finish my work that way. Maybe, it’s a flaw? I don’t know. I’ve tried it.… Continue reading Writing A Novel…Eventually.