I’ve Messed Up

Right, well. It’s no easy thing to admit that I’m in no way a professional formatter or even an accomplished self-published author. Not yet. I haven’t been doing this all that long and suffering with a chronic illness that causes chronic, daily pain and chronic fatigue doesn’t make my life any easier. I mean, I don’t have time to be sick. I’ve always said that. I can rest when I’m dead. A little morbid. I know, BUT, it’s true. I’ve got way too many ambitions and dreams to allow an illness to completely take over my life.

Unfortunately, a busy Xmas period and New Year has set me back quite a lot and I haven’t been blogging or posting much on social media. Although, I try to keep up with everyone else and their writing goals and accomplishments. I haven’t been able to sort my recent publication to the standard I promised to myself. I did publish the ebook, which was a monumentous mistake because after a Beta reading on the proof copy of the paperback, it turns out I’ve done the same thing I usuall do and I haven’t clarified a certain aspect of the book. The paperback also required additional formatting due to the re-setting of the margins, which in turn messed up all of my page breaks and a few other things as well that require rectifying.


I have until the end of January to sort this issue.

I write because it helps me to forget about the constant, nagging pain, but sometimes the fatigue takes over and I have to heal. I write because I love it. I write for myself.

However, I understand the need to publish a product that is of a certain standard.

I will offer Oath of God FREE on Kindle for a set period of time, once I’ve dealt with the formatting of the paperback. I can only apologise for this lapse in judgement.

I publish my work in the hopes that some people will like what I’ve done.

I’m not quite established in the self-publishing world and I can only write as my awkward body dictates. It’s infuriating. And I get aggitated with myself.

More updates later.

Thanks for all your patience with my awkward self.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Messed Up

    1. Thanks! Problem with createspace is that you think you’ve got it right and then the proof comes and proves you wrong. I’m happy with my story it’s just the formatting that drives me crazy. It’s also difficult as writing can be a lonely job at times.

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