Apologies All Round



First off, I’d like to offer my sincere reassurance to anyone who is actually looking forward to my next book and is probably wondering if I’ve fallen off the writing grid.

Unfortunately, not everything can be predicted, least of all illness and how it may or may not affect the ability to be productive. Despite the pleasant weather, I’ve managed to pick up a cold virus, which has proven to be quite nasty and knocked me down for several days. It has caused a Fibromyalgia flare and prevented me from getting the required formatting done for Oath of God. I’m back working now, despite the sniffling and runny nose and irritating cough! I’ve also edited the blurb, to add a little more detail. Below is the new version and previous blurb, see what you think. I believe it is an improvement.


Deatiled blurb for oath of god 2017
A new detailed blurb

Kama became an orphan the day she fled the ruins of her village.

Rescued by a dragon, she was forged into a weapon of vengeance.

Until the assassins track her down. Her beliefs are tested and her loyalty challenged.

Valdis soon realises cornered animals bite back and a simple task becomes a fight for survival. 

Not to mention, the Immortal who hired his services has another agenda to fulfil.

   Lilah, First Disciple of Ataran. And her brother, Zelos, supposedly a Prophet are forced to work together to ensure the success of Ataran’s decades long endeavour.

What none of them could predict was catastrophe and ruin.


I believe the new version of the blurb gives more of an insight into the story, without giving too much of the plot away. I’ve learnt quite a bit since writing Vastian Lore and I’m hoping Oath of God will be an enjoyable story, with intrigue and adventure thrown into the mix. A lot of work, detail and research has gone into the book. I’ve created a new world from scratch, however, while Oath of God will the First Book of Ebenell, it will also have clues and hints within the story that links it to the world of Vastian Lore. Wolf Born will the First Book of Ulyssia, and eventually all six of the proposed books will be woven together to form a cohesive whole.

I know…I like to challenge myself!

Within the whole series, there will be a total of nine books. That’s the idea so far.

I’m also planning a few stories with two of my favourite characters: Frank and Bob. The inept magician and his reluctant assistant/friend. This is more of an Urban Fantasy and will be set within a fictional English village that will be a mash up of various elements I’ve taken from places I’ve lived and visited. It will have a lighter tone and more humour.

There are a few darker stories in the works, mostly stored inside my mind. I’m not sure what I’m doing with these ideas just yet.

That’s the writing plan so far! 🙂




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