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Diagnosis v Determination

It’ll be almost three years since I had my first MRI to find out why I was in such agony with my back and why it felt like I had a jagged steel rid shoved inside my leg! Turns out, I had a large, ruptured prolapse and it required surgery…So, in 2014 I had my first… Continue reading Diagnosis v Determination

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Complexities of Writing a Novel…

Ok, so I’ve written several short stories, a few first drafts and a novella, which I published through Createspace and Amazon. Writing a novella wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Detail is still detail… Once, Vastian Lore was edited I began to realise how I lacked in the description stakes. I did… Continue reading Complexities of Writing a Novel…

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Writing Goals!

Okay, so far I haven’t really posted much this year, mostly because I haven’t had much to say! Now, I’ve got a plan…A dastardly, I mean cunning plan for my writing goals! I didn’t achieve everything I wanted in 2016. In fact, I think last year was pretty dismal with regards to writing. I got… Continue reading Writing Goals!

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Getting My Act Together!

So…I haven’t been around much lately. This has been due to a few life priorites taking over and the fact Xmas is fast approaching! The ‘flood’ happened over a month ago and with the lax abilities of the insurance company, it took longer than expected for the money to come through, so we could sort out… Continue reading Getting My Act Together!

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Enjoying The Writing!

Hey there!! Apologies for the lack of regular posting, but it’s been quite hectic here!! More than usual, actually. A couple of weeks ago we went out to visit friends and got a text from our eldest son, who basically sent an SOS as the kitchen sink had ‘burst’. When my husband rushed back, he… Continue reading Enjoying The Writing!

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Progress…Of A Sort…

Well, long time, no posting! Funny how time can just race past and yet another month has ended and we’re in November. Unlike other, braver souls, I’m not attempting NaNoWriMo! I don’t think I could give the commitment such a project requires. Not at the moment, anyway. On a more positive note, I’ve actually managed… Continue reading Progress…Of A Sort…

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Writing Wrangles…

Hey there!! Well, the whole writing debacle hasn’t been going all that great. Due to various personal issues, I’ve had to take a step back from Oath of God and concentrate on all of my other appointments, family, friends, and health issues. I’ve just dealt with yet another problem and thankfully found time to write… Continue reading Writing Wrangles…