Kindle Bureaucracy

Decided to publish one of my early short stories, which is currently available on this site and also on writer’s group I was a part of called, The Scriptorium. At the moment I’ve had to put a 99p price on this short story as it isn’t possible to publish on Kindle without any price. I’m planning on offering the story for free on a promotion as soon as it’s published. Basically, this was down to boredom and the fact that publishing on Kindle will, in theory, reach a wider audience and maybe brighten someone’s day by reading it.

Anyhow, I edited the said story, did a self-made cover and published on Kindle. All was going well. No problems. I got a notification email yesterday from Kindle saying there was an issue, which I presumed was maybe a spelling or grammar issue. I opened the email this morning only to find out the issue is that Kindle has discovered (shock horror) that I may not have the rights to this story as some or all of the content is already available on the internet. No s**t Sherlock!! I bloomin’ well wrote it.

Honestly, I think Kindle is getting worse. If they’d actually done proper research they would know I am accredited to writing this story. It’s under my name and also available on my WordPress account. I’m not exactly fuming because maybe I should have seen this coming. Maybe I should have written something new. I’m just frustrated. And perhaps, I should have been a little less lazy and been more productive, instead of just rehashing old material. Oh well, lesson learned. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

Rant over.

Thank you to all who take the time to read this 🙂


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