Thrills And Spills!!

Over the past year or so I haven’t been a regular blogger. This down to the fact that as a sufferer of a Chronic Illness I have to prioritise my workload much more diligently than I have in the past. This is to conserve precious energy and to focus on getting current projects out before the next blue moon or millenium…To which I would probably just be a pile of dust with a stack of unfinished manuscripts piled on top of the ashes…With this is mind, I chose to make my book, Oath of Gods, a priority. It took two years to complete.

With a sliver of pride and a lot of trepadation, I finally got the ebook and paperback on Amazon. It’s no easy feat to write, edit and format a book and there will always be things I’d like to change, with the story and the way it was written, but I’m just glad I got the book finished. A story I said I would tell and have eventually succeeded in completing.

That is really my motto…Eventually…

For this year, I’ve been a little slow getting started on the next book in this series, Spirit Gods, which will be a progression of the first book, detailing more of the characters involved and adding more information to the history and the intended future for this world and the people living within it. I’ve done the prologue for Spirit Gods and done some initial research into Japanese armour, to be used for reference.

As I’ve already detailed in recent blogs, Spirit Gods will be out this year and I’ve also been asked to produce a selection of short stories with Bob and Frank. A duo of frienship and generally a lot of bad luck in the realm of magic. Set in a more domestic, suburban and modern era of the current world, these are stories I did when I was a member of The Scriptorium and engaging in regular Flash Fiction publications.

I’m looking forward to finally getting back on track and hopefully speeding up my writing technique…Actually, it’s the formatting and editing that usually takes the longest!

Also, a quick reminder that there is a signed copy of the paperback version, Oath of Gods available on a first come, first served basis. I’ll be running this until the end of April.

Please, send your request to blackdragon80@live.co.uk under the heading: Free Signed Book! First person to send me an email with their details will be the winner…


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