Finally, all of the formatting is done for Oath of Gods and the paperback is now available to purchase from Amazon. There is also an ebook version as per usual. Links below;



UK Version



US Version


After ordering five author copies of the paperback, there is only ONE LEFT!! This will be available for a limited competition. Basically, it’ll be first-come-first-served basis. And based upon the understanding a review of the book will be submitted either to Amazon, Goodreads or on the winner’s blog…Or even all three! The copy will be signed by yours truly and will be the fifth copy of this limited first print of the book.

Onto other news, I’ve started the next book in this series. Spirit Gods will be available sometime in 2018. I can’t give away more than that because I can’t really estimate how long it will take me to write and format the book. Plus, I’ve got a bit more research to do.

And I’ve got a few other projects on the go, including other creative outlets and life in general as per usual! šŸ˜€

More updates coming soon…


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