Apologies and Advancements

First things first, I’m still working on Oath of God!


It’s taken me longer than I anticipated to do the editing process and I’ve had a few gaps to fill with details and more description. I’m a notorious underwriter. So, I have to go through my work and decide whether or not I’ve given the reader enough information.

Due to my crappy health and it’s unpredictability, I’ve had a few days where I’ve had no choice but rest and recouperate. It’s really irritated me at times, but if I don’t do what my body tells me, I’m laid up for weeks instead of days.

I’m approaching the end game now. There’s just the last few chapters to tinker with and the blurb to put on the back cover of the book. I’ve got some formatting to complete and need to create a PDF for Cteatespace. So, I reckon it’ll be another couple of weeks work.

I’ve wanted to be a writer for many years *cough* decades actually! It’s something I can do without killing myself off…Physically speaking! I’m not about to quit, but I have to take it at a slower pace these days. Even sitting down for more than an hour is an issue.

I get up. Potter about. Sit back down. Write. etc. etc.

I’m a great believer in living life too. Even though, it isn’t always easy. I do try and get out, doing interesting stuff, visiting castles, museums, Doctor Who Tour…You get the general idea! And holidays are a great stress reliever, especially for someone with two teenagers and another youngster…Plus three dogs and the same number of cats.

Basically, some days I just pass out once my head hits the pillow…If I’m lucky!

As for the writing, I’m definitely publishing Oath of God.

I’ll give a concrete date in the next couple of weeks and hoping to do pre-orders as well.

There’ll be an updated cover release and details on offers/competitions.

I’m hoping potential readers and anyone who is waiting for the next book, can be a little patient for a while longer!!

Oath of God is on its way!


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