Set-Up And Progress…

Beginning of the Obsidian Oracles Series

Great news!!

At least, I think so…I hope so…

I’ve begun the set-up on Createspace for my latest book: Oath of God(s).

There will be a slight change with the title, I’ll be adding an, ‘S’, to the end of God, in order to offer more clarification and hopefully the book won’t be confused with anything that follows a Christian sort of story. Oath of God(s) will be a mix of Gaslight and Fantasy elements with a splash of inspiration from Japanese culture.

Oath of God(s) will be the first book in a linked series with my Novella: Vastian Lore, BUT there are different characters introduced and a new world, with links and clues to the world of Vastian Lore. I wonder if anyone will pick up the breadcrumbs? 😉

Publication should be mid-June. It would have been the start of June, but we’re taking a trip to the Doctor Who tour before it closes!!

Plus, I want to make sure I get everything right first time around.

Once published, I’ll be doing the usual giveaways and free signed copies of the paperback, with a few added extras!

I’ll post more once I’ve got firm details!


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