Back On Track

Hey there!!

I really enjoyed the two blogs I posted about self-publishing with a LOT of help from Kara Jorgenson, author of the Mechanical Devices Series. The answers provided by Kara were helpful and informative. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the process and also a few bits and pieces about the author herself. In my view, if you enjoy Steampunk in an alternate Victorian setting, then I’d reccommend checking out Kara’s books. Each one is better than the last. (end of gushing…)

I think it’s great when Indie authors just go ahead and write what they believe in and are also successful too. It isn’t easy, especially if you have to juggle a regular job or three on the side, but when I see Indie authors pushing forwards and doing something they truly believe in, gives me hope for my own tentative foray into the self-publishing adventure.

On a personal note, my own writing is going well, slow, but steady as per usual. I’m about 80% done on the final draft for Oath of God. So far so good. I think I may just be able to stick to my goal of two novels out this year. Fingers crossed as I pray to the ‘book gods’ for success in meeting my deadline.

I’m basically sat in front of the computer everyday of the working week, and sometimes, if I get up early enough, a couple of hours in a morning at the weekend. Bad days happen and there’s nothing I can do about that, so some days are less productive than others.

I’ve got a long TBR list, which hasn’t even made it to an actual, physical pile that I can hold in my hands.

And I’ve yet to grasp a physical copy of my own book, so I’d better get back to writing!!




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