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A Few Details

Well, I’m trying my hardest to keep up with my blogging and finding stuff to post!

Today, it’ll mostly be a jumble of information, relating to writing and a bit of updating.

After going through my spam queue, and basically deleting every comment for various reasons, I just wanted to advice folks that if they would like to contact me, then please use the Contacts Page and any of those links detailed there. I very rarely give out my email, so these sites are the best places to find me.

Another little titbit, I’ll be odering copies of latest book for resale through my site, these will be signed and the only additional cost will be posting and packaging! This will be for Oath of God, due out in May 2017 and for my published novella, Vastian Lore. If anyone would like a copy, then please don’t hesitate to send me a query via this site, Facebook or Twitter. (Payments will be accepted via Paypal) 🙂

I’ve got a lot going on, as usual, but Oath of God is progresssing very well and I’ll be looking at editing/proofreading in April, which will mean a lot of printer paper and ink, not to mention the old red pen!

My main aim this year is to publish two full books and at least one short story, if possible. I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but I feel it’s good to let folks in on the details from time to time and for me to keep in mind my own deadlines.

So far, I’m managing to keep up with my wordcount goals, even when I have to have a day off due to illness. I just make up the shortfall on my good days. It’s been a bit of a blow for me to have to slow down as I’m an active and busy person, but I tend to write for a couple of hours, take a break, and then go back for another hour or two and write some more. The intention is to keep moving forward and accept some days are ‘rest’ days, so I can recover faster and then get back to writing. That’s the idea, anyway!

I’ve been doing some work-related research into blurbs, with the intention that the blurb for Oath of God is better and more concise than previous efforts. *fingers crossed for that*

As readers of this blog may have noticed, I’ve been offering up a few sneak peaks into my progress with Oath of God and hope it has sufficiently wetted the appetite for the book! 😀

Anyhow, I’ll get back to writing now…


Thanks for reading!


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