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Promotions and Promises…


Ok, here goes…I’ve got three deals starting on Friday 24th February-Saturday 25th Febraury 2017, this is for Sorceress of Demon’s Wood (ebook-short story), Vastian Lore (ebook-paperback-novella), and finally, Iron Blood (ebook-short story).

For the short stories, I’m running a free promotion and for the novella, which will be for ebook only, will be an Amazon Countdown Deal, reduced to 99p/99c, either on Amazon.UK or Amazon.Com

Sorceress of Demon’s Wood – FREE!!

Available at these links: or

Vastian Lore – COUNTDOWN DEAL!!

Available at these links: or

Iron Blood – FREE!!

Available at these links: or

I guess, as a writer/author, depending on which day of the week and what mood I’m in at the time, I can assume either one of these titles!

Except, at moments when I actually realise, hold on a minute, I actually wrote a book! When the heck did that happen…Oh, right, over a year ago!

My husband told me about a conversation he had with an old work colleague and that they’d taken a look at my Amazon page and concluded I had some great reviews and a seemingly solid fan-base…I just sat there, stunned. It took a while for my mind to process that bit of information. I mean, yeah, I’ve got a few reviews, I’ve got folks asking when the next book will come out, or they can’t wait to read what I write next…But, a fan-base? I’m not so sure about that one. I find it hard to believe I’m actually an author now, never mind that I have readers out there depending on me to finish the next book and publish it.

Although, saying that, I have made myself a promise, this year WILL see the publication of two books, minimum. Even if I have to chain myself to the laptop, I’m determined to see both books get their due. I’ve got deadlines to meet and promotions to organise. It won’t be easy. I’m effectively, like most indie authors, a one man/woman band! I do it all, from admin, writing to publication and finding someone to design the cover. I also have a very full life, despite my health setbacks, I don’t really believe in slowing down all that much, not until I’m ashes in an urn! (gruesome, but those are my thoughts)

I want live, not just survive.


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