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Wednesday Wrangles…


So…Here goes…The writing endeavor is going well, for a change! I’ve made progress with Oath of God, with the main plot, sub-plots and general theme of the book. I’ve got my mojo back, basically, I can actually concentrate enough that I can get some serious work done.

I’m aiming for a target of at least a 1,000 words a day, mon-fri, if I write more, I’ll be estatic and if I write less, well, I won’t beat myself about it. So long as I get something down, I’m happy.

I’ve been doing my intended research and have to say, Japanese culture is fascinating.

Soon, I’ll be stocking up on printer paper and ink for the editing stage of the process, where I look through a physical copy of the manuscript, have it proofread and scrutinized and hopefully, after that, comes the final polish of the book before publication.

The end is ever closer…



Okay, so I think I’ve watched The Martian about ten times in the past month or so…I read the book before watching the film and have to say I enjoyed both, in different ways and for different reasons, but I think both are well worth looking at. The book was quite technical and detailed, but the characters and story was entertaining, I really liked the dialogue and the same could be said for the film, which kept quite close to the book. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi, but I do watch quite a lot, and The Martian was good on both fronts!


  • Complete Oath of God by end of March 2017, with a vague publication date of April/May
  • While OoG is being proofread, I’ll get back onto Wolf Born
  • Wolf Born to be completed and published by the end of 2017, at the latest
  • Look at foreign translations for Vastian Lore, Oath of God and Wolf Born
  • Get domain and upgrade website
  • Look into setting up my own publishing company, for future possibilities
  • Save for my outside office space (More of a wish, than anything, but I have hope)

In between all of this intended targets, I’ve got other work to complete, not to mention all of the finer details of self-publication, such as marketing, and final design of the cover.

I’m really glad to be back writing, it’s intriguing to follow the characters and find out what’s going to happen…I mean, I know, I’m the writer…Errmm, I have a vague plan…Okay, the characters do all the work and I just type down their memoirs! 😀

Seriously, I’ve got a lot of book buying to do in the next few months. I want to make sure I have at least an outline that isn’t just floating around inside my head.

Hope everyone’s had a good week so far!

Thanks for reading…

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