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It’s easy to discount achievements, especially in the face of adversity, but when I look back on the progress I’ve made, or talk to people about everything I’ve done, I even surprise myself with how far I’ve come over the past few years!

So far, I’ve managed to publish a novella, two short stories, gain a Diploma in Editing and Proofreading, set up my website, do my blog, Twitter, Facebook pages and to go back and re-edit and format my original novella, to make it an even greater product. I’ve learnt a lot about self-publishing, writing and marketing. I’ve also realised how much I’ve still got left to learn and this is only the beginning of my journey within the world of writing.

I’ve found some really great writer friends through Twitter and Facebook and of course, this blog as well.

There are a lot of things on my list that I want to accomplish in 2017, one being the publishing of at least two novels this year and a few short stories. I’d also like to own my domain, set up a newsletter through my WordPress site and to look at cover design for the trilogy I want to write and publish.

I do most of my writing in the morning, when the house is quiet and there are less distractions to steer me off course. I try and get the minimum of an hour, to three hours in every day, except weekends, which is family time. I’d never sit here and say it’s easy to write, or self-publish, there are so many responsibilities you take on and there will always be those who think it’s a waste of time, or that I should be doing something more productive with my days. What they don’t get is that writing is something I have to do, it’s a dream, a promise to myself, a vow that I will write and cast my words out into the world and hopefully find someone out there who loves my writing and that my books resonate with them as much as they impact me when I’m creating these worlds and characters out of my imagination.

There is so much I still have left to write and I’m pushing myself to make 2017 my most productive year to date!



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