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Character Cases

Hey there! This is the week for some alternate posting. Focusing on writing and stories.

First off, there are many books out there with many different types of characters and story lines. However, there are also those familiar tropes and stereotypes. There’s the orphan child predestined for greatness, prophesised riddles and sage advisors. Witches, mages, demons and warriors. While there is nothing wrong with re-using a few familiar plots and beloved types of characters, some of the lesser evils should be avoided like the terrible plague of dullness they truly are.

I’m not innocent in all of this. My earlier writings were full of cardboard cut-out characters and riddled with rubbish dialogue that did nothing other than explain every single detail that anyone with eyes would have seen for themselves.

I’ve tried to weed out so many of these poor attempts and writing a story with elements of myth and a fair collection of demonic elements can make this difficult at times.

I’m not a romantic sort of person, although I do believe in love, but the enduring, ever-lasting kind that blossoms through adversity of life and becomes stronger over time. I try to incorporate elements of this into both my writing and characters.

As I develop as an author, I am beginning to enfold all of the things I’ve learnt along the way into my work and hope this allows me to improve.

I believe it’s perfectly fine for characters to develop without the need for romantic tethers, but rather grow as a person in their own right. However, I’m not against love per-se.

If two characters are drawn to each other, it’s quite alright for them to become a couple, if it’s right for the story and the characters themselves.

Although, sometimes characters have their own ideas about what they will or won’t do.

The way I write has developed over time and story elements are incorporated into my work because these are the things I like to read myself.

Anyone else have any particular thoughts or ways they prefer to write, please feel free to comment below…



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