Romance In Writing.

There’s a lot of debate about what should or should not be written. What makes a good story? How can it be more realistic? Well, for one, relationships should be real and not mythical. I think, in this day and age, we can dispense with the fantasy of a knight in shining armour rescuing the princess from the tower/dragon/horrible situation. Why can’t the ‘princess’ save the ‘knight’…Why does romance have to be so old-fashioned in the way it’s told?

A few issues I have with romance in story-telling are retold in these bullet points:

  • Just because there’s a man and a woman in a story doesn’t mean they will form a romance.
  • Men and women can just be friends.
  • Men and men can be friends, women and women can be friends, without romance involved.
  • A man can love a man without the need for any sexual context involved. The same for women and women. Not everything has to be sexualized.
  • Real love grows, it doesn’t magically form from nothing.
  • Lust is not love.
  • Sometimes people just don’t like each other, simple as that. There is not underlying potential for romance if two characters obviously dislike each other, it isn’s a pretext for anything else.
  • Finally, people can be close and love each other without any hang-ups or ‘romance’ getting in the way of a good friendship.

Obviously, the above is simply my opinion and the sorts of things that kind of aggrivate me in certain stories that set a very bad example of love.

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