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That Friday Feeling!

Hey there!! Just a quick post detailing my dastardly well though out plan to conquer the final draft of my novel, Oath of God and to actually get it published before the year is out.

Anyhow, I’ve learnt a lot over the years I’ve been writing. First as a hobby and then as a serious attempt to become a published author. I’ve taken the self-publishing route as traditional isn’t really going anywhere for me at the moment. I find the process liberating and also stressful. Being responsible for the whole process, start to finish and the sole person responsible for every detail, including formatting and a large portion of editing.

Yes, I’ve pushed myself hard at times and life has also thrown down obstacles, I have at times, struggled to overcome, but I’m still here, still writing.

A few years ago *cough*, actually ten+ years, I decided that I wanted to become an author. I wanted to have my work published. I wanted to tell stories. I hoped people would enjoy them and perhaps even love them and maybe want more. Hope and determination. They’re two of the main ingredients of my own personal mantra.

Basically, I’m mostly a pantser. I don’t have a fixed plan, written down, all neat and tidy. I have a beginning and an end. I write out the first draft without much thought as to continuity or plot holes etc. Afterwards, I will go through and make a more fixed plan and edit, cut, define and in come cases streamline certain sections. The final draft is where I set the story in stone…Well, sort of. Characters do have a tendency to thawart even the best laid plans. I’ve started chapters and then scrapped over a thousand words that I spent hours creating. If I don’t feel the writing flows, I will remove the words, no matter how painful. (I do have a seperate file of ‘cut sections’, as a failsafe).

At the moment, I’ll probably blog once a week, maybe twice, if I can. This is mainly because I don’t want to put a post up if I have nothing to say! There are a few ideas stewing away in my mind, but I’ll detail those when I have a firm idea.

Thanks for reading!! 🙂



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