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Weekly Writing Plans!

Okay, I’ve blogged the cover reveal as promised!! Anyone who wants to reblog that is quite welcome to do so! *hint* πŸ˜€

Oath of God is underway and the end is in sight!

There’s 7,000 words to do this week to keep me on track.

I’ve got a few tweeks to do on the blurb until it’s good enough to be put onto the back of the cover and then I can start setting up my Createspace file. I’ve already started the ebook file and setting up on Amazon as a draft at the moment.

The second part of my short story series will be published in between the publication of OoG and will likely be the project I focus on while OoG is being proofread etc.

The story is pretty much planned out and I’m looking to getting finished by the end of October as I have yet another operation to look forward to in November. This time, they’re taking out my gall bladder due to the collection of stones I’ve ammassed in there and are causing me a lot of problems at the moment. *rolls eyes*. Typical. One of these says I’ll have a rest from seeing the inside of a hospital. πŸ˜‰

At least recuperation means I have no excuses about finishing my writing projects!

I’ve also got quite a bit of reading to catch up on as well.

Well, that’s me and my writing. How’s everyone else’s projects going?




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