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Coming Soon!!

As promised, here is the cover for my new novel: Oath of God.

I’ve still got a few tweeks to finish up, but this is basically how the cover will be.

Below is a re-work of the blurb, just as a little added extra!!

What is murder anyway, except a job?

At least Valdis tells himself killing for a living means nothing…

He knows only too well the cost of selling one’s soul to the highest bidder.

Now his skill and sword are no longer his to command.

And his mistress obeys the will of a god.

Ataran has been slighted.

He is Immortal and yet fears the hand of death.

All that stands in his way is a girl and a dragon.


Kama was forced to watch as Immortals burned her world.

They made one mistake.

She survived.


Across the vast Emptiness lives the last spelled dragon of Ebenell.

Eros knows secrets the Immortals will kill to keep.

Will they find common ground?

Or will a god’s vengeance be realised?

And all of the ancient magic of Ebenell destroyed?

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