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R.E. Cover Reveal for Oath of God…

Hey there!! Just a quick update on the upcoming reveal for Oath of God. Originally, I planned to post on the 16th September, but a family commitment means I will have to postpone until the 17th September. Thanks to everyone who has offered to reblog the cover reveal, it means a lot to me and I appreciate every email and comment I recieve.


As for the actual novel, as most readers of this blog are probably aware, it’s taken me a lot longer to complete than originally planned. Life throws obstacles and sometimes I forget to leap! However, I’ve got a fresh enthusiasm for the book that was sadly lacking as certain issues took hold and decided to throw me around like a ragdoll (mentally speaking). It’s not easy being told you have a debilitating condition that will not get better and has the serious potential of getting worse over time…Since I have a stubborn streak, I refuse to let it stop me in my tracks, but rather I have pushed through the physical ailments and all that goes with it and have finally made a break through in the story. There is a defined ending in place (in my head) and I’ve already started my editing notebook with notes for relevant additions and will also serve as a planner for the ineviatable red-pen episodes of editing.

As I am self-publishing I don’t feel the need to stick to required word counts that would otherwise dictate the length of my book and am planning on about 80,000 word count. It may be a little less, it may be a little more, but the story will achieve its natural conclusion. I’m not one for filling pages with empty fluff that is only there to add words without actually adding anything to the story and causes the reader to flip pages rather than enjoy the book.

Once a definite publication date is set, I’ll be doing the usual marketing stuff and running a competiton for five lucky winners to recieve a signed paperback copy of the novel, along with special goodies for the first entry and runner-up prizes for the other four recipients. This will be an international competition! So, keep an eye on my blog posts! 😀

I think that’s all, for now…

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