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Protagonist and Antagonist…

There’s a lot of discussion going around relating to the difference between characters. Which are better to write, more enjoyable, what motivates them? In my view, it’s all about perspective. I’m not sure there are many so-called, ‘bad guys/gals’ who truly believe they are the evil ones in their own story. Everyone has their own motivations and some don’t exactly plan out their evil doings beforehand. People don’t have a script for life, so why should a character know in advance what they will say or what they will do. We can all be protagonist or antagonist in our own life stories, depending on circumstances and decisions we make.

In my own work, I try to show how these can affect a person’s story and its outcome, especially with my latest projects.

There’s also the issue of how memory can be somewhat shady and how another’s opinion can affect a character’s decision making process. How a person can be influenced by those around them and how doubt can change their opinions and motivations.

I quite enjoy banter in dialogue and endeavor to add humour whenever I can.

As many followers of this blog probably know, I’ve fallen behind with my deadlines for Oath of God and Wolf Born, but I’m working towards finishing OoG first and by the end of the year. Right now, I’m keeping the cover under wraps, until I’m closer to publication.

That’s all for now, folks!! 🙂



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