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Tuesday Trepidation.

Hey there! Today, I’ll be discussing the craziness of reality…

Okay, recently I’ve been getting a few bites regarding my editing services. No paid work, as yet, but the word is getting out there and maybe, just maybe, before I get sucked down into the ‘Well of Despair’, I might get some editing work that will keep my bank happy.

However, I’ve noticed a scary trend regarding the amount people think they should pay for editing. There are some who believe paying out thousands of pounds to an editor is the perfectly normal. Despite said editor messing up the author’s work and leaving them to correct errors in the manuscript. All because the editor didn’t bother to ask the author pertinent questions regarding their work and made unauthorised changes.

Apparently, I’m too cheap.

Therefore, not worth hiring.

What? Because I don’t believe in ripping people off? Especially, self-published authors.

I’ve done a little snooping on the wordpress site of a fellow author, with a degree, and also offering editing…They charge the same amount as I do for basic editing.

I find it mind boggling to think people will pay thousands for a terrible service.

My own editing services are fair and based on research from various sites and the UK Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). I offer a professional and reasonably priced service. If that makes me appear cheap, then so be it. I won’t change my philosophy.




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