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Hey there! Just a few writing related issues to cover today.

I’ve finally posted the copies of Vastian Lore to the winners of the giveaway. After the loss of my previous order, which I had sorted well in advance of the actual competition, I did get the five copies of my novella. Createspace were good enough to send the books out on priority shipping at no cost to me, which I thought was very good. They were both professional and prompt in their response to my query. Another bonus.

I’ve already given away one of the spare copies as well. This leaves just one copy, but I’m sure I’ll find a good home for it.


For the last few days we’ve been out and about doing various activities. The Civil War Museum. Leeds:Royal Armouries. Whitby. To name but a few. I love going to these places, but it does have a tendency to fire my imagination and give me even more ideas for stories.


More related photos and information on Japanese culture planned for a future post, to give a little taste of the background in Oath of God.


And now I’d better get back to work! 😀



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