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Hey there! Beginning of the week. Lots to do. Lots of ideas. Thoughts and potential stories.

The free promotion for Iron blood managed to get a few downloads. Not as many as Sorceress of Demon’s Wood or Vastian Lore, but hopefully that will improve over time.

The copies of Vastian Lore I had to have resent have arrived! Yay! I’m sorting them out for posting and should have them sent very soon and winners of the competition notified of the impending delivery. I’ve also given away one of the spare copies as well. So, just one solitary paperback waiting for a potential reader to scoop it up.

I’ve got a lot of writing related work to complete this month. My posts may become erratic, but I’m hoping to at least post about my progress with Oath of God and another novella I’m planning to write after the publication of my novel. As well as the companion stories to Iron Blood, which will be told from the different perspectives of other characters and to show different angles to the continuing story. I may even print a paperback version of various short stories with Iron Blood included.

As for Oath of God, I’d like to add a map, but I’m not sure of I’ll be able to manage that just yet. I’m confident the paperback will look really great, with the cover art and the fact I can now format the interior to a good standard as per Createspace guidelines.

I’m not going to force the story to be any longer than it need to be. The novel should be around 80,000 words, give or take. It follows the POV’s of four characters, across different parts of the country, with their own agendas and ideas about what is really happening. There’s swords, magic and a little Steampunk/Gaslight thrown in for good measure.

This time, I may do a pre-order option??


As always, comments welcome… 


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