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Japanese Research.

For Oath of God, I decided to do a little research into Japanese culture to season my story with a richness of culture and a sprinkling of diversity to flavour my world building.

Anyway…Little did I know the significance of Japanese religion. The cultural identity and the overall complexity of the people and customs.

For instance, there is great significance placed on the use of gates. They have symbolic significance. Their design, size and materials indicate something about the wealth and power of their owners or the people who enter.

There are gates for temples and shrines, palaces and castles. All different and unique depending on their use and the building they protect.

There is also the complexity of religion. Shinto and Buddhism. Class structure. Evolution of buildings and the layout of cities to consider.

I’m enjoying reading and learning.

At the moment I’m partway through, The Art of Japanese Architecture by David and Michiko Young. It’s a riveting read. Well worth buying if anyone is interested in finding out about Japanese culture.


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