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Giveaways and Oath of God.

Well…I’ve got two entries for a free, signed copy of Vastian Lore. Not bad. I worried no-one would want a copy of the novella, seeing as it’s been out a while now and sales have dropped to the odd one every month. I’ll be the first to admit marketing isn’t my strongest suit. My very first job was for a double glazing company and involved phone sales and trying to get customers to buy windows…Needless to say, I didn’t stay there long!

However, with help from my husband, I’m sorting out a new banner for my Twitter, Author Facebook page and website.I’ve got the temporary one on Twitter at the moment, but the pixels need work, especially on the cover for my short story.

I’ve got a short story coming out in the next week or so. Iron Blood is a glimpse into a different world and new characters. I’ve just got to edit and proofread. There is a cover on at the moment, but this is temporary. I want to tweak it some more.

I’m not the quickest writer. It doesn’t help that I never think it’s good enough. I have to get second opinions or I’d never publish anything.

In the next few weeks, the cover for Oath of God will be finished and the blurb added. I’ve got plenty of writing left, but with editing, the novel should be out end of August. *fingers crossed* Next on the list, Wolf Born. This is based in the world of Ulyssia, which is from my novella: Vastian Lore. I’m sure a few folks will be glad to hear I’m expanding Norarl’s story and throwing him into yet another dire situation…(oops, giving away clues). Anyhow, this will be the start of a trilogy. Hence, why I’m taking my time to make sure the story has continuity and the plot follows through all three books. At the moment, Oath of God is a standalone. Although, if there is scope to expand the series and readers enjoy the story, then I’ll consider more books.

That’s all folks!! 🙂

Thanks for reading…Comments and questions welcome!



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