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New Story!

Hey there! As you’ve probably guessed by the title, I’ve got a story coming out soon on Kindle. Iron Blood is set in a completely different world to my other books and is about reflection, pain and loss. It’s still a Fantasy based story, but I’ve gone for a different theme. Not Steampunk or Gaslight. Iron Blood is a standalone short story. I will complete next week, proofread, edit and await the new cover, which is going to be completed by the same artist who has done the cover for Vastian Lore, Oath of God and Wolf Born. Release should be mid-end of July. More updates to follow.

Back to Oath of God. I’ve ordered and recieved my new research books on Japanese architecture, gardens and armour (which also compares European Medieval style). The research is to enrich the story and add a little depth to the world, its history and religious beliefs. I’m about halfway into the final draft. There have been a few issues that have slowed me down lately, but I’ve managed to pull myself together and get quite a bit of writing done in the past week. Re-editing Vastian Lore also put OoG on hold and getting the interior sorted for Createspace, waiting for the approval and checking the digital proof, going back to correct errors. All of that stalled my other writing projects.

The next project is to organise a Domain Name and perhaps upgrade my WordPress. I’m rubbish at marketing myself, but I need to get a handle on this if I want to progress and expand on my ideas.

I haven’t had any requests for editing projects, but it’s early days yet.

I have gained a couple of requests for a free, signed copy of Vastian Lore, so that’s a plus.

Mostly, I’m busy with writing, finishing DIY in the house, and awaiting the possibility of taking on a Foreign Exchange student over the course of July! It’s all go here. I’m not sure what I’d do if my world ever slowed down…Actually, recovering after an operation has given me some persepective on that situation and I was bored after about two days! 😀

I like to be busy! Whether it’s physical work or intellectual. It’s all good to me.


Thanks for reading! Comments are welcome…   


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