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The Scriptorium Saga!

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Hey there! I’m not sure how many readers/followers of this blog know about The Scriptorium, but it’s basically the combination of four writer’s imaginations and a monthly dose of Flash Fiction based on a different theme each time. We also do a blog, where we take it in turns to post. Right now, the idea is to blog about where our ideas come from for the various Flash Fiction stories we write.

Lately, we’ve taken a short break from The Scriptorium, due to certain real-life issues. During that time we discussed changing from a Wix website to a WordPress site as we felt it would better serve the purpose for what we wanted to say. You can find some great stories over at:

There is also the possibility of an anthology, sometime in the future. At the moment, we’re enjoying the challenge of the Flash Fiction’s and posting blogs.



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