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Vastian Lore Re-Published

Okay, first time around I had no clue what I was doing or how to format, how to do a PDF or how to set up my mansuscript for paperback. I made errors, I know that now. However, with no cash left for formatting, I had to learn it myself. I’ve since, studied formatting the interior of your book for Createspace and to be quite honest, wish I’d done that firsthand.

Now, after much reading and downloading of files, I realised that I tried setting my margins all wrong. This is more an issue when making changes because the trim size cannot be altered due to the fact that has been assigned to your ISBN. If you want to alter the trim size, then a new edition is recommended. This forced me to pay attention even more than I had before. I studied formatting and also did as Createspace told me. Still, no joy. I did about seven PDF’s before I realised I’d put in the margins as cm’s rather than inches, which makes a heck of a difference. I corrected the error and for once didn’t get a mass of errors on my MS. All that’s left is for me to order the proof and then make sure everything’s in order, so I can order the extra copies I need for the giveaway.

Now, I know what I’m doing (I hope) and Oath of God should be a smoother process when I do the paperback version. I’ve just got to get the full cover done, with the spine and I’m good to go with that side of things. The actual story is in the final draft stage. Now, I’ve managed to figure out formatting, I’m putting OoG into Scrivener, in order to see my chapters better and if any need moving around etc.

Well, I’d better get to work! 🙂



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