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In previous posts I may have mentioned how much I dislike editing as my least favourite task in the whole world.

Since completing my Editing Diploma I’ve had my eyes opened to how I made it so complicated in my own head and it prevented me from seeing the simple errors or flaws that can be simply altered. How a sentence can be re-written in order to make more sense, or so it flows easier and is less convoluted, with too many commas, for example. I have a bad habit of putting in commas, rather than a full stop and end up with a long paragraph of information that can, at times, lack clarity. I’m not against commas. Although, sometimes they can be overused. It’s really helped me with my writing.

The perfect example is my editing of Vastian Lore. Rather than be daunted by the task at hand, I’m actually enjoing it! Yeah, I know, maybe I’m going insane, but honestly, going through Vastian Lore is really refreshing. I’m looking at the story with fresh eyes and can see where the changes need to be made without ruining the essence of the book and the original story. I’ve removed a few unneeded words, such as, ‘all’, ‘just’, and I’ve also clarified paragraphs that may have previously appeared confusing. I’m up to Chapter Four right now and should complete by the end of the week. Then, I will upload the Kindle version and Creatspace paperback with the recent edits in place.

That means, competition time! So, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting the details for the free signed copies of the 2nd edition and perhaps a few other goodies as well!

I’m hoping my new found enthusiasm will filter down to Oath of God and spure me on to meeting my Summer deadline!

Thanks for reading all! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Realisations…

  1. That is awesome for you! Editing can be daunting, but I think you’ve found the right way to look at it. 🙂

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