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Monday Musings

Yep, it’s that day again. Monday. It always has a sort of foreboding cloud hovering over it. Maybe it’s because this is the first day after the comfort of the weekend? For me, it’s the first day of a week in which I will be finishing off the edits for Vastian Lore and updating the ebook and paperback versions. I’ve found a few spelling/grammar issues, but not too many, thank goodness. I’ve already updated my short story and gone through the edits for that as well. Sorceress of Demon’s Wood has been given a decent polish and hopefully it’s the last time I’ll need to comb through that particular story looking for editing issues.

Next week commencing, 13th June, will involve working towards the completion of Oath of God and beginning the edit and proofread for the book before publication.

 Random Thoughts…Reading and Stuff!

I’m attempting to read through Joe Abercrombie’s collection of short stories, titled: Sharp Ends and I’ve also got, An Unsubstantiated Chamber by William. J. Jackson to read as well as a few other books to buy, such as, Kara Jorgenson’s, The Earl and the Artificer and Kate. M. Colby’s, The Cogsmith’s Daughter. I’m also wanting to buy more books on editing and more research books on Japanese culture. So, just a bit of reading to do! 😉

I’ve been looking into outdoor offices and unless I start to earn some serious cash, it will remain a wishful dream, for now.

I’ve also set up an Editing and Proofreading page on my Wix website if anyone prefers to use that site:

And finally, I’ve also put my website address on the WordPress Editing and Proofreading page, if anyone would prefer to contact me directly, rather than fill out the contact form.

Work and Writing

I’ve got a few deadlines to meet and also waiting on whether I’ll get any editing/proofreading work, but one plan is to work part-time, in a job where I have to relate to the ‘real’ world once more. First, I’ve got to allow my back to finish healing, but if I want to support my writing and pay for professional editing on my own work and have covers designed etc. I will have to provide a second income to the household.

All of my projects have been set back by the operation, but everything should be back on track in the next few weeks. My short story should be out in the next month, once I’ve got the cover and blurb sorted. Iron Blood is set in a different world to my other stories and is a concept that has been bubbling away in the back of my mind for a while now.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Any related comments? Feel free to post.



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