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Moving Forward

Ok, so I’ve done my page for editing and proofreading services and the edited version of the excerpt to Sorceress of Demon’s Wood. I’m just waiting for Kindle to finish compiling the new version. Don’t worry, I haven’t changed the story itself. There’s added information at the end, regarding Vastian Lore and my upcoming book, Oath of God.

I’m still recovering from my operation, but I keep trying to do physical stuff like put away shopping or sort the washing, which then ends up with me having to lie down for a bit.

I get bored easily, so the ‘resting’ phase usually results in getting the laptop out and doing some long overdue work and editing.

I do have Vastian Lore to finish. I’m editing both the ebook and paperback. I cannot alter the actual template itself, but I can change content on Createspace. I will be offering a giveaway., but as with SoDW, I’m not changing the essence of the story, merely smoothing out and correcting any errors in spelling and grammar. Anyone wanting a free copy of the 2nd edition, please keep an eye out for the competition. It will be first come, first served.

I have my proofreader for OoG, but will still need an editor. However, I do have someone in mind and I’m hoping it all works out. I’ve just got some plot points to figure out and the end to write, but OoG should be ready for the deadline. *fingers crossed*

I’ll be posting the proposed blurb very soon for Oath of God and would be very grateful for feedback as Vastian Lore was a bit of a disappointment and I’m hoping to get a better result this time around. The cover is almost done and I should be posting the reveal in July!

I’m setting myself a strict deadline, which I plan to stick to like superglue! I’ve made promises and breaking them would be a disaster…Yeah, yeah, I know life can get in the way…But, I am hopeful and positive. Writing means so much and I can’t give up now.

Any relevant comments, please direct them my way!


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