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Writing. Editing. Publishing.

Hey there! Lately, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would normally, mainly due to the operation and also because I’ve been struggling to think of interesting ideas to post!

I’m considering posting about the research I do for my WIP’s, such as Japanese culture, weapons and mythology. This will be alongside all the regular posts regarding writing and publishing new stories/books. I’m hoping this will help to ‘spice’ up my blog. 😉

At the moment, I’m just re-checking Vastian Lore from an editing standpoint and checking grammar, spelling and sentence structure. I’m not planning on re-writing the entire story, just dealing with any flaws that should have been dealt with when the book was professionally edited the first time and were overlooked, despite going through several proofreads on my end as well. There’s also an issue with formatting that needs to be dealt with. This is my first project over the next four weeks.

As for Oath of God, I’m working through the structure of the book as it follows three different viewpoints and the timelines needs to followed closely to ensure no plot holes form gaping chasms in the story. The whole idea stemmed from the prologue itself and as drafts are written and rewritten, then changes are inevitable, but this also makes matters complicated and can slow down the writing process.

The writing plan for 2016:

  • Edit Vastian Lore
  • Complete Oath of God (OoG) by end of June
  • Send OoG to be professionaly edited and then proofread
  • Ensure OoG is formatted and in an appropriate template for ebook and paperback
  • OoG should be published in the Summer 2016
  • Next on the list is Wolf Born (WB)
  • As with OoG, the same rules apply, with WB hopefully published in the Winter 2016
  • A short story; Iron Blood, is to be written in between these projects
  • I’ve also for The Scriptorium, writing Flash Fiction on a monthly basis
  • And setting up editing and proofreading services within the next few months

I thinks that’s all, for now…No doubt other items will be added along the way, but the list above is pretty much complete.

There’s a lot going on, both professionally and personally.

Included on my list: book covers, blurbs and the creation of artwork, which I’ll be working on with the artist who has done the covers for Vastian Lore, Wolf Born and Oath of God. We’re hoping to expand on giveaways etc. by being able to provide artwork related to the books as promotion and also for people to get an idea of the thought processes involved with writing and creating new worlds/characters.

Coming Up!

The reveal for the cover of Oath of God and hopefully a blog tour.

A new short.

And a few surprises!

Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the blog.






6 thoughts on “Writing. Editing. Publishing.

    1. Me too!! Although, I do have the artwork, there are a few tweeks that need to be made first and I’ve got to finish up the MS for the story. The back op has made me fall behind with the schedule, but I’m hoping to get back on track very soon! 🙂

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