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Recuperation And Preperation

Saturday 14th May saw me in Claremont for a second back operation to clear the leakage of disc material squatting in the space between my spine and sciatic nerve. I’ve spent five months in chronic pain and ramped up on a high dose of Gabapentin and fighting to finish Oath of God, but the operation went well. Although, because this isn’t my first operation there are higher risks of complications, such as infection and possibility of more pain. However, despite that I’m glad I had it done. I did have a weird time with my high blood pressure becoming really low and having to be on a drip and oxygen for a while and staying in overnight, but I’m home now and already planning my next writerly move.

Back to the interesting part…My last post mentioned a rewrite to Vastian Lore and while I’m not happy with doing the upcoming task, I will get it done. I haven’t had much in the way of commentary regarding my decision, but I feel I have to do this.

I will NEVER again publish anything unless I’m 100% happy with the story.

I don’t expect what I write to perfect, but I won’t publish anything that doesn’t reflect my style and voice.

Well, I hope everyone had a better weekened than I did! 😉

And thanks for reading.


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