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Wheels Within Wheels

First of, I’d like to start by saying, sorry. For not posting anything remotely entertaining.

Anyhow, there’s a lot going on right now. Oath of God is moving slowly due to my decision to take up studying for a Diploma in Editing and Proofreading. *laughs mockingly at myself* I cannot say with any great confidence that when it comes to my own work that I am the most amazing editor. Hence why I hire someone else to scour my work for errors.

This brings me onto a rather sore subject, for me at least. Vastian Lore, to say the least it not what I hoped. My husband has been reading through the story and I have to agree with him that the novella is like someone photocopied the essence of the story, but took out the soul and personality. I’m angry at myself for allowing my treacherous finger to click the ‘publish’ button and feel I have not only let myself down, but my readers as well. Those who bought,recieved or downloaded a copy, I apologize. Vastian Lore is but a poor shadow.

I have to write as myself, for myself. In a style that is my own.

Therefore, Vastian Lore will be removed from print and the ebook re-edited. I will be offering a free promotion for anyone who wishes to download a copy, but for now, I am unsure as to whether there will be a paperback version available. I’ve sold about nine copies so far and I’m not sure the lack of success there justifies the headache of dealing with templates and PDF’s etc. While it is nice to have a physical copy, the stress is making my hair go grey at a much faster rate. There are folks out there who find formatting easy and they are much better people than I could ever hope to be! I have learnt a lot about the process, but find that as a relatively unskilled person in the realm of computer technology, I’m disappointed by the less polished printed version of my novella. However, it’s an issue I have to deal with and either hope to master or pay out for someone else to do that part.

Oath of God will be out in the Summer! Providing all the of the proofreading and editing is complete and the cover fully finished with the blurb and final tweaks to the artwork.

As for the whole editing course, I’m hoping to set up another page detailing rates and services available at reasonable and fair prices. *fingers crossed* I have looked into various options and also on official editing sites, which I will explain more thoroughly, once I know what the heck I’m going to be doing.

I may be away for a little while, due to my back operation, which is scheduled for tomorrow, so here’s to wishing all a great weekend and thanks for reading! 🙂

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