A Student After Twenty Years!

Although, many would say, life is all about studying and requiring new skills, but there comes a time when learning becomes more official. Hence, my current situation.

Some readers may recall that I mentioned going on an Editing and Proofreading course in order to provide this service to other writers and authors. It will serve a dual purpose. To help me with my own writing, although I will still require an outside editor and proofreader before publishing my own work. The course will also allow me to offer a professional service of my own.

I’ve found there are many companies and freelance editors who offer their services at differing prices. There are also self-published writers/authors who offer to edit fellow writers stories at a cheaper cost, but this doesn’t always work for either party.

(I’ve had first hand experience of this issue and it left me with a partially edited product and nowhere to go)

I’m not saying, it can’t work, but it didn’t go well for me and my book.

There are differences between proofreading and copy editing that many people don’t understand and perhaps think they are one and the same. However, proofreading is the correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation, whereas copy editing goes a little deeper and looks at sentence structure and in some cases, plot. (the above is a basic summary)

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and publishing my work, but at heart I’m a practical person with a qualification in Admin. I love doing Beta reading and proofreading other people’s work and while I will still endeavor to publish my own books, I also wish to have a an alternative ‘job’, which will allow me to leave my own stories, rather than feverishly working my way towards a creative meltdown.

So far, I’ve completed my first assignment and I’m looking forward to this time as a student, honing my craft and also endeavoring to increase my knowledge.

I’ll be posting more when I complete the course.

Thanks for reading! 🙂





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