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Thoughts on Promotion

Hey there everybody! I’m starting this week’s posts with a little bit of reflection and also to answer a few questions, I hope.

Lately, I’ve been asked quite a bit about Wattpad and its relation to promotion. I can only go on my own experiences, but I’ve found Wattpad to be a good way to gain critique and commentary regarding my short stories and the first draft of a novel, which I posted onto the site a while ago and managed to gain over 2.2k reads. Wow! That’s great. I hear the cry now! However, none of this has translated into sales for my work published on Amazon and through Createspace. I think there a many reasons for this. One being that Wattpad is focused on people writing serial stories, which are available free to anyone wishing to read them. I did have a positive experience on Wattpad and it helped get me back into writing after a few years break due to personal issues and health.

On a sidenote, there are many ways a writer/author can promote their work through the world of social media:

  • Book Tours can be virtual or if you have the resources you could hire a venue, although I personally think a bit of a following helps for this to be a success.
  • Giveaways of either free ebooks or PDF downloads or if possible a paperback version.
  • Competitions for signed copies.
  • Goodies (If you have the resources there are many ways to accomplish this)
  • Advertising (again, if you have the resources, these can either be free or paid for)
  • Blogging and getting to know your readerships and followers.
  • Having a website can also be useful for promoting and creating a presence online.

It’s a slow burn. Succcess doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of work involved.

I’ve been writing seriously for about twelve years, including a creative writing course through my local college and plenty of advice books on the subject. I tried to find an agent the traditional way, but decided to go the route of self-publishing. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but I believe if you’re determined enough, you’ll get there!

I didn’t realise all the work involved with putting a book together. Not really the story asepct, but more of the technical stuff like blurbs, dedications, table of contents, adding either a note about previous works or upcoming stories. There’s the cover to get sorted and learning about formatting a manuscript. There’s also the task of editing, not the self-edit done by most writers, but the more in-depth scrutiny that usually requires splurging cash in order to hire a professional. There’s a lot involved and getting a good book out in the public eye takes work, but its definitely worth it in the end.

I’m talking about books by other authors I’ve read who are self-published and you can tell just by looking at the cover they’ve put a lot of thought and work into it. Upon opening the book and reading, it’s clear that editing has been done successfully. And this is great.

Of course, everyone has their own technique and way of doing things. I’d love to hear what others have done or if anyone has a comment?

Thanks for reading 🙂





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