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Writing Rules!

Not any sort of advice, but how much I love writing! 😉

My previous post had a little on Scrivener and how I struggle to wrap my head around the program. Let me be clear, Scrivener is an awesome tool. It’s got loads to offer. And it can be great having all your research, character sheets and location sheets all in one place. Hence, why I downloaded the free trial and read through the tutorial, for the second time, with a couple of years break in between. Despite my failures, Scrivener is brilliant, if you can retain the information from the tutorial and feel you can work side-by-side with the program. Right now, I find it harder to figure technical stuff and keep it straight in my head. :/ Maybe, it’s learning all the formatting and self-publishing jargon over the past year that has scrambled my brains or health issues and painkillers. (I don’t talk about my wonky spine because it’s a bit of a downer, really, but it can be hard to concentrate).

Stubborness and a refusal to give up keeps me going. Although, it can be difficult keeping up the momentum. Writing is a good distraction. A great reason to utilise my imagination.

And despite my issues, I am currently trying to use Scrivener to write a short story I’ve had on the back burner for a while now. This is mainly because my othe projects are in their final drafts and I’m too lazy to relocate all of my work. I’m hoping experimenting with the program and using it first for something simple…Or at least shorter than a novel. It will help me to ease myself into Scrivener at my pace rather than trying to force the issue.


Another point I’d like to raise, is how much I appreciate all support and comments I have recieved through this blog and I take on board all the advice I have been sent. It really helps me focus and maintain perspective with my writing.


Thanks guys and gals, writers, authors, friends! You’re all awesome. 🙂


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