What Plan? ;)

Basically, the short-lived friendship I had with Scrivener didn’t last. After some confusion with the setting up of the template for a novel, we parted ways. Amicably. Without a fuss.

(actually, I had mixed feelings…pull out my hair and scream or throw my laptop out the nearest window, but I can’t afford a new one and I kind of like having a full head of hair)

I think my issues with Scrivener are down to me being stuck in my ways and how I do things, like writing, is a sort of comfortable routine that I find hard to leave behind.

These are some of my writerly habits:

  • Planning isn’t something I really do.
  • I don’t have notecards and at the moment I don’t have a whiteboard or corkboard because I don’t have an official writing space or office.
  • I do like to set up character sheets with descriptions of appearance, habits and traits and what their part is within the story.
  • I write almost everyday, usually in the morning, but it has been known for me to continue into the afternnon and evening (housework suffers, but not my wordcount).
  • I have ideas all the time, bursting out my brainpan and scrawled into notebooks.
  • I sketch and draw to help me see characters and even weapons in 3D rather than just inside my head.
  • I research…If I’m not sure of something, I look it up and buy books on the subject.
  • And I set up files for each project, so I can look up my ideas and refresh my memory.
  • Finally, I don’t delete stuff, rather I set up a CUT SECTIONS file and keep it for later.

I think that gives everyone an idea of my craziness…I mean writing techniques 😉

Does anyone have their own style of working? Feel free to comment.



4 thoughts on “What Plan? ;)

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t like Scrivener, because paradoxically, it does support writing without plan: making a collection of random scenes out of order, shifting them around with ease when you change your mind, creating a scene “for later” when you get an idea all of a sudden, like “insert a battle with dragon here” note.
    As for the rest, I don’t see how Scivener contradicts or prevents any of your habits. Maybe you could give it another go, but with the approach of seeing how it helps your habits, not trying to mold yourself to what you think you should do with it? 🙂
    And to be clear, my first impressions of Scrivener were “meh”, but I gave it a chance and I’m more than happy, even though I don’t use some options/layouts/etc. It even has a separate project for my blog posts.

    1. It’s the second time I’ve tried Scrivener and to be honest I really wanted it to work because the tutorial showed it may be quite good for someone who wants to be more organised and also wishes to have everything in one place like research etc. In truth, I doubt it has anything to do with Scrivener itself but more likely my own issues, which are health and pain med related. 🙂

      1. I guess everyone finds their own writing way. I’d offer some suggestions, but it seems you’ve made your mind already, and it’s not like you have to use it. 🙂

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