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Inspiration and Impressions

Surrounded by piles of laundry, (most of it clean, I might add) and I find myself working on Oath of God, tweaking a conversation, adding additional detail, a bit of richness to the scenery and a dash of history, all while breathing in the fresh scent of washing powder.

This is the backdrop to a stay-at-home author/housewife/aspiring student.

Two dogs snoring on the sofa, one on his pile of cushions and the other trying to curl long limbs into a ball, her face squished against her front paws. This Morning droning in the background and both the washing maching and dishwasher churning away! This is part of my life, but not all of who I am. There are many elements that make up my personality as there is with so many individuals. A daily struggle to squirm out of the shell of normality.

Anyhow, back to the writing…I’m tweaking a few things in my manuscript, including the option of putting in a snippet of artwork at the top of each heading with the Chapter Title. Right now, I’m using the sample I was sent from the artist doing the cover for OoG and it’s black and white imagery that I’m hoping to correctly format and insert into both the ebook and paperback version *fingers crossed*. I’m not sure how that will work, once I have to set up the PDF for Createspace and whether it will allow the picture, but I’d like to give it a go as it really makes the beginning of the chapter look nice and professional. I’m also playing around with alternate fonts for the chapter headings on both Wolf Born and Oath of God. Again, I’ll have to make sure my formatting is spot on so it looks good.

On a side note…I went to a small Comicon recently and saw, what I presume, was a self-published author trying to sell a trilogy. There was a nice set up and table, with a really good promotional banner and the aforementioned books…I kind of frowned when we passed the first time and had to take a peek on my second walk past the table. I picked up the book and smiled a little when I read the blurb and title…Needless to say this Wolf Born book was nothing at all like mine and followed a more familiar Urban Fantasy trope of girl getting bitten, some sort of love interest and werewolves…NOT at all like my own wip.

I used to get all nervous and sweaty if I saw a name of a character that I had chosen for one of my own stories in another book, but when I saw this title, I just shrugged. It didn’t bother me like such things had in the past and I’m still going to use Wolf Born as the title for my wip because I’ve lived with the name for so long, I’m kind of attached to it now. 🙂


I take a long time to think of names for characters, places and even the history I want to place in my books. In one way, this is good because it adds texture to the  story, but it’s also hard work putting in detail without making it too dry and boring. I try not to drone and write endless paragraphs, but rather place in snippets throughout and also putting a few suggestive remarks into conversation without turning the dialogue into an idiots guide to Ulyssia or whatever. This can slow me down a little when writing, but I think it benefits the story in the end. By making the effort, I hope to create better worlds and characters!

Well, I’d better get back to some productive writing 😉

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment 🙂



8 thoughts on “Inspiration and Impressions

  1. ‘S funny you should say that. 🙂 Looking up a book called The Reluctant Assassin on Goodreads, I found at least five different novels with that title. 🙂 If there’s only one out there with that title, you’re good! 🙂

    1. That reminds me of the time I tried to get a copy of “The Face in the Mirror” by Stephanie Tolan via inter-library-loan. It took three or four attempts before the correct “Face in the Mirror” book arrived. And at that point, I’d given up and bought the book myself. There are a dozen or so books and stories with the exact same title! 😀

      1. 🙂 Sometimes you have to put both title and author into the search before you hit the jackpot and find the book you’re looking for. I do a lot of copy and pasting just to make sure I get the spelling right! 😉

  2. Got kind of an odd question for you. I remember you quoted your husband once in a post when he was telling you to put “writer” as your official job. Do you remember the quote to run it by me again?

      1. I love it! 🙂 It was an odd request, I know, but I was trying to quote it for something and couldn’t remember how he said it. 🙂

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