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Writing and Wattpad

A little history first! Ok, so, I’ve always loved books and writing, since about fifteen years of age and I did a short story based on a cut-out from a magazine, I considered what it would be like to actually be an author and published. Obviously, I was no teen prodigy, but the seed was sown and after years of flitting between different genres for reading, having kids, getting married, and all that regular life stuff, I began writing what wouldf be the basis for Wolf Born in about 2004. It went through many drafts and titles before I sent off pages of my manuscript to various agents and recieved a few rejection slips in the process.

It can be disheartening to have strangers tell you they’re not interested in representing you and due to health issues and a third child my writing plummeted and fell away into the abyss. I didn’t start writing seriously until a couple of years ago and that’s when I set up a profile on Wattpad.

This was for a variety of reasons:

  • I wanted to put out a few stories and get feedback.
  • I wanted to write something other than my novel project.
  • I also published older works in order to gain feedback, but also to show the difference between then and now.
  • I wanted to explore the world of Wolf Born and other ideas before publishing.
  • And finally, I wanted to see whether anyone would read my work.

This leads me to another side of Wattpad. I’ve come to realise that the reader/writer community love to have a serial story as opposed to a short or an excerpt of future works. This shows through to the stats and I’ll use my own work as a reference for this example:

Short stories/Excerpts

  • Tick! Tock! 104 reads
  • Asarl’s Order 103 reads
  • Wolf Born Sample 35 reads
  • Elemental 195 reads

Serial Stories/Drafts

  • House of Sept 2.2k reads
  • House of Sept Edited Version 359 reads
  • Oath of God Draft 735 reads

As you can see, there is a big difference between the two and House of Sept has been my most successful story so far. Although, it is a first draft and the revised edition naturally didn’t have as many views. I would advise a word of caution, however. Just because you get a huge readership doesn’t mean that will translate into sales for a published work. Or at least that is my experience. I will say Wattpad helped me regain the confidence to keep on writing and self-publish my short story and novella.


Perhaps this will be helpful or not…? I just thought I’d share. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Writing and Wattpad

    1. Hey there! I found this comment in my spam folder. I started on Wattpad in order to get back into the habit of writing everyday and also to get comments and critique for my work. This worked quite well and helped me to improve my writing, but it hasn’t translated into sales because I think Wattpad is more centred on the aspect of sharing rather than gaining readers who will buy published works on other sites such as Amazon, for example. I have several works on Wattpad and one has over 2k reads, but sadly, that success hasn’t boosted the sales of my novella or short story. Wattpad did help me hone ideas and to realise that my stories are enjoyed by fellow writers and readers alike. 🙂

      1. I’m glad you found it! I had a feeling one had ended up in spam. The problem seems to have resolved itself now, so hopefully that won’t happen again. 🙂
        That’s interesting about Wattpad. I was hoping it could be used to gain new readers/buyers of books, but now I’m thinking it’s more complicated than that. It’s still a great place for writers and readers for sure though either way. And let me just say, that’s amazing you got 2k reads!!!

      2. My first thoughts when I self-published were exactly the same regarding Wattpad. It was hard to swallow the disappointment that life wasn’t going to be that simple, but it did help me in other ways and I’m glad I tried it out!
        I was pretty stunned myself when I got so many reads and also had quite a bit of helpful commentary and feedback too! 😀

  1. Interesting. I’ve been curious about Wattpad. So, thanks for sharing about it. I should probably put it on my to do list. I’m still trying to figure out what needs to be on it for me, concerning promotion. 🙂

    1. It’s difficult to promote, but I didn’t really find Wattpad to be much use with helping me sell books, but rather to gain feedback and critique. I’ve found my blog and Twitter with a little help from Facebook have been much more useful with promotion. 🙂

      1. Thanks. Promotion requires a difficult skill set that I’m still trying to acquire. And the array of choices are intimidating. I’ll muddle through eventually. 🙂

  2. Promotion is harder than the writing, but there are few ideas floating around out there, which are quite useful. Free giveaways for a paperback edition. Blog tours and cover reveals. Plus, posting blogs and competitions. I’m trying to figure it all out myself, but I’ve got a great circle of writer and author friends, so the sharing of ideas is really helpful. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve, but it can be done. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help where I can. 😊

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