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Books and Dreams

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Okay, well, honestly, I haven’t been able to come up with much in the way of blogging.

However, I do have an update on the progress of my two wip’s. Firstly, I think I’ve managed to sort out the issue with Wolf Born and it has to do with character rather than story. I realised something really important regarding my POV situation and decided to alter one section with a different character. (I know, it’s a bit mysterious) Anyhow, I’m hoping this will refresh the stagnant portions of the story and parts I felt were lacking. Oath of God is working out pretty good. I know where I’m going with the story and how the various sections are going to be laid out. I’ve just got to crack on get it finished. 😉

The above picture is how I’d like my study/office to look, minus the taxidermy. I get a bit freaked out when those realistic glass eyes stare back at me. I had a babysitting job when I was younger and the sitting room had a fox head on the wall and I read a book once about a cursed fox wrap that came alive…needless to say, sitting there at night was pretty tense! (just a little snippet of my thoughts)

I’m not very girly and this translates into my writing. I’m not one for fragile princesses in need of rescue, instead I’d prefer the woman or girl to help themselves or work with others to solve a problem because that’s how I live myself. I’m not above asking for help, especially if I can’t do a certain job, but I do like to figure things out for myself. I think people are complex and intriguing. Not all behaviour is logical. This is what I attempt to show in my work and I’m hoping to reveal much more detail in my novels as opposed to cramming stuff into a novella and leaving too much out.

Some of my work can be described as dark, perhaps even bloody at times. This may have something to do with the horror stories I used to read and a few films here and there. Although, I don’t think conflict is ineviatable, especially when demons are involved. 😉

Well, I’d better get on with writing!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment! 🙂

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