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This title is to be taken in the loosest possible terms! ūüėČ

Ok, so I’ve been typing away on my other wip, Oath of God and doing a little restructuring. I’ve been deleting pointless words and adding detail where necessary. OoG is different to my other project, Wolf Born in more than just world and character, it has a different tone as well. This¬†means when I get bored/frustrated/want to throw laptop out the nearerest window, while¬†working on WB, then I can go ahead and do some work on OoG.

I do have some news, though! Oath of God¬†is having some cover art done by the same artist who did Vastian Lore and I’ve been sent the work in progress, which I won’t be posting at this time (sorry) because I want to do the cover reveal¬†more professionally¬†with any future¬†books, rather than a random post like I did with Vastian Lore.

At this time, I have no idea which book will be finished first. Logic would dictate that WB would be top of the¬†list as it has more words and is in the final stages of completion, but as with¬†most types of¬†writing all that could change. I’ll post updates closer to the time.

I may be slowed somewhat by an upcoming operation on my back, however I’m aiming to push forward and cram more writing into my days and nights and to have OoG ready for a professional edit by end of Arpil. *fingers very firmly crossed* Possibly, WB will take longer than OoG because it has a far more complex timeline. I think this is because of¬†ten years of work, which has served to make the world way more complicated than I¬†originally planned. I’ve also had some issue with a few¬†characters wanting to hog the limelight and I’m not so sure they should have a central role.

I’m also cooking up a short story based in another completely new world, which I’m hoping to get out there before the end of the year.¬†I haven’t starting writing this yet. I’ve got¬†a vague sort of idea in my head that I need to structure and get down on paper first.

Onto¬†other writing related projects, The Scriptorium, of which I am a member, is currently striving to organise¬†a Skype meeting by the end of the month.¬†I’m really excited by this and hoping we can all get back on track with the Flash Fiction and joint anthology project.

All-in-all the year is looking to be very busy indeed ūüôā


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