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Opposites of the Same Coin

As I was painting the cupboard in the utilty in preperation for the DIY project this weekend, I thought to myself, why do you want to be a writer? You’re not very good.

I finished up painting for the day, cleaned the back garden and emptied the recycling. Did all my chores and made myself some Ryvita crackers and a little fruit on the side, and settled down to catch up on any messages I might have missed whilst I was busy.

And you know what? I scrolled down my inbox and Goodreads had sent me an update from a fellow author…I thought, oh, I wonder what Claire’s been up to today? 😉

I clicked on the link and a review for Vastian Lore came up…My mouth dropped open…

Then I smiled. (actually, it was more of a grin)

I reconsidered all of my negativity for the day and felt a great swell of…Well, happiness.

Here’s the review that made my week:

This was an intense, riveting read that left me desperately wanting more. It’s a short read, but packed with plenty of action. The world that Steph has created is really unique and we get enough hints spread throughout to piece some of it together. Granted, I wanted more in order to get a better picture and hopefully we’ll get it in a full length book.

I really really liked Norarl. He’s got a fascinating character and back story. The other characters were dynamic as well and I really want to find out more about each of them. I guess my only complaint is that I wish it was longer. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and all I can say is I want more! I’m deeply fascinated by this world and the story created. I’ll definitely be reading more of Steph’s work in the future!

Content Warning:
There’s a lot of magic and some of the characters are called demons. In this world demons seem to just be magic users and not what we would think of demons as. There’s also a bit of language scattered throughout, but nothing more than d**n, s**t, and characters referencing “Hel”. Just as a general warning if you’re not “into” stuff like that (but I personally didn’t find any of the content objectionable).


I’d like to thank Claire for her amazing review and I’m really glad to know Claire enjoyed her read of Vastian Lore. I did wonder what readers would think of Norarl and it’s good to see he was an engaging character. I think, if I carry on with this world and the stories I have in mind, then I may need some sort of codex in the future. I’m just starting to realise how complex Ulyssia has become and how complicated the people inhabiting this world truly are. They have such an in-depth history, I’m not sure three books will be enough.

And, I guess, with the title of my post, what I’m really trying to say is, some days I feel I’m not quite good enough. I’m an imposter living in someone else’s shoes. Then, I get a nice review or comment and I think, hey, you know, I can do this! I can write. I’m not half bad.


Now onto conquer the world…*ahem*…I mean, onto the next book!


4 thoughts on “Opposites of the Same Coin

      1. It can! I found out my timelines were a bit off right before I sent in the final edits for Wildcat of Braeton. Thankfully I caught it in time!

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